International Journal of Electrical Components and Energy Conversion

Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2023

  • Analyzing Power Losses in Ghazni City's Electricity Distribution Network and Strategies for Minimizing Them

    Massoud Danishmal, Abdulilah Rasoly, Hashmatullah Zeerak, Sayed Ahmad Zamir Fatemi

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2023
    Pages: 1-8
    Received: 6 February 2023
    Accepted: 30 March 2023
    Published: 15 April 2023
    Abstract: Electricity is a vital source of energy that plays a crucial role in the economic and social development of a country. However, the distribution of electricity from power plants to consumers is a complex process that involves a network of electricity transmission and distribution systems. These systems are susceptible to losses that occur at variou... Show More