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Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

The low productivity experienced in our industries is as a result of not imbibing intelligence in its production mechanism. We know that induction motors are reliable, robust and with good operating characteristics. A means of starting, regulating and controlling operating parameters are very necessary to improve motor efficiency. This low productivity witnessed in our brewery industry is surmounted by modeling of alternating current (a.c) motor performance for increased production output using fuzzy logic controller. To achieve this it is done in this manner, characterizing and modeling a conventional AC motor so as to establish its operational features while working on variable frequency drive (VFD) control model with known production output, designing a rule base for the use of fuzzy controller for a stable and improved production output of AC motor and designing SIMULINK model for the performance of AC motor under operational condition for an increased output using fuzzy controller for a brewery industry. The results obtained are the highest conventional quantity of bottles of beer produced was 3240 while that of fuzzy controller was 3245 at a stable time of 4 through 10 seconds. With these results obtained, it shows there is an improvement in the production capacity in brewery industry when fuzzy controller is incorporated in the system.

Modeling, Alternating Current, Motor, Increase Production, Fuzzy Controller

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Ngang Bassey Ngang, Bakare Kazeem, Ugwu Kevin Ikechukwu, Aneke Nnamere Ezekiel. (2021). Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller. International Journal of Electrical Components and Energy Conversion, 7(1), 17-22.

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Ngang Bassey Ngang; Bakare Kazeem; Ugwu Kevin Ikechukwu; Aneke Nnamere Ezekiel. Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller. Int. J. Electr. Compon. Energy Convers. 2021, 7(1), 17-22. doi: 10.11648/j.ijecec.20210701.13

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Ngang Bassey Ngang, Bakare Kazeem, Ugwu Kevin Ikechukwu, Aneke Nnamere Ezekiel. Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller. Int J Electr Compon Energy Convers. 2021;7(1):17-22. doi: 10.11648/j.ijecec.20210701.13

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